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Reviews for "Ça Ça Mirlaquerr"

Amazing!!! I Can't wait for more. The imagery was phenomenal!!


i ignored this when it was front paged (mostly because the title wasnt english) but this was just unbelivable. fuck me you guys have an awesome talent


That was some of the most impressive animating I've seen on Newgrounds yet!


the guy below me pretty much said it all, but damn , what a great find. much props

I am flabbergasted my good sir.

This has got to be some of the best animation that I have seen in a while and it's evident that you took quite some time with it as it looks so fluid and smooth.

The movement of angles along with the animation just really got to me and the character designs also helped make this even more enjoyable to watch.

To top it all off, the music was just so catchy. The song was absolutely amazing to listen to and it fit everysingle situation within this flash. So great job as usual.