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Reviews for "Kainé Absolution"

I like the sound of this, but the nature of the dubstep elements was leading to something brutal at times and it instead went back to more recuring cuttenes with no fangs. This is just mee expecting some brutal bath of explosions and stuff tho.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I definitely thought about making it more aggressive but found it clashed with the vocals (and theme of the original) a little bit too much, so the chosen approach was a more laid-back harmonic/melodic dubstep mix! :)

Still happy you liked it though! <3

just released a demo of my new song "flossy skylight." check it out please and let me what is wrong /right with it. I know the intro could use some work but sincerely let me know what I could besides the alternate vocals/bass work :D

NemesisTheory responds:

I'll check it out once I get some sleep! Long day @ work haha, I'm completely broken right now. ;-)

Wow! It's been quite a while. I thought you were gone!

Solid work, as always. Very melodic, very beautiful sounding. I'm not a fan of dubstep, but this song was too good for me to pass on. Great job! Glad to hear another song from you!

NemesisTheory responds:

I'm never gone! I'm always around haha. Very busy, so not a lot of time to make music, but I'll always reply to PM's and emails and all the things. :)

Thanks a lot! It's heartwarming to hear so many people already say 'even though it's dubstep and not really my thing, I still really like it!' -- But that's partly due to the source, I think. It's just that good. :)

What?! This only has a rating of 3.59?! I have listened to tons of songs recently with much higher ratings that weren't as good as this! The voice in this is absolutely fantastic. It shows off a wonderful amount of grace. It just sounds so beautiful!

I'm just going to assume it's Japanese. The actual remix part is wonderfully done too. This Katskatchi person is wonderful! You really have a future with great work like this. It helps that it's four minutes long. It needs that long to give off its message.

It was really perfect BGM for one of my Time-Lapse project video in Tokyo, Japan
Here is the video that this song is in used :) This music is so cool !!