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Reviews for "Hallow's Scars"

Could use improvement

Happy New Year's or well, Halloween in this case I guess. I think the weakest part about this was that there weren't any sound effects when enemies were being struck. It was weird how there was sound with you swinging the weapons. The best part is probably the animaiton. While it may seem a little dated, it's still a pretty nicely set of drawings. The music isn't bad either. It's just that it seemed like it was the same thing over and over with you pressing the space button.

I just ask for games that have more dimension to them. The way the character moved around wasn't bad, but it just never seemed to go anywhere. It has a pretty cool name to its credit. I just wish that you could have more gameplay in terms of going to different locations. Maybe you could make another game where you went to different parts of a detailed room.

Well it's a cool looking game but...

While the game is entertaining (though short), it feels like it got some issues with the attacks.

I*ve only played on easy, so I don't know if the game will remain as easy while just using the sword, but the problem is that no attack other than the sword seemed to deal any damage.

Outmanouvering the foes seemed quite easy, as you just had to run up to them, and start hitting, but there was no need to ever hit and run, making you hold the space bar constantly while in battle.

As a demonstration I guess it's an interesting game, and I will look forward to any future projects.


I think most of the problems came between us having different versions of Flash. My engine played great on its own, and your graphics look amazing... Sadly it seems something was lost in translation when you plugged in everything. Still, a good step forward.

great for a first attempt at this style

just to let people know, this project was as sepulture123 describes, like a demo, being that we wanted to try a new style of gameplay than the tankmen: battle turn based style.
we also used new animations and with 2 artists we had time to develop upon more enemies to keep the content lasting a little longer.

we know there are a few(lot) of things that could be fixed or tweaked to better the gameplay and overall experience, but mainly the problems were on the coding side of things and our coder was limited to flash 8 which has limitations in itself and problems in moving codes between flash 8 and to cs5.5 which c01 used to bring the whole game together.

Could be better

It look like a demo of a good flash games could be some day but theres a lot of flaws.

Make the control more responsive and less sluggish , some time we are right aimed at the enemy and it doest no damage...
good choices of spells and attacks but the spells seem to have no effect at all and because of that are really boring.
Change the background visual a little bit , just not one image...
and make it longuer then 10 levels

The best thing i think about this games is the fact that each levels are different because the enemy are different , that was really cool and less boring and repetitive because of that.

Could be much better.