Reviews for "Madness Combat"

Pretty Tight

I hope your an atheist. That was amusing though. Jesus got a cap popped in his sorry ass. Nice smooth fight animation.

hahaha that was funny

that was funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great! make a game out of it...

It'd be great to make a game out of this, it has great animation and a pretty funny premise. So collaborate with somebody and get this made into a game. Or, just keep up the good work...the more times you kill jesus the better...

Another VERY Violent movie!

This is quite funny. It's funny when everybody just gets kill and not fighting back. Keep up the great work! Next time show more fighting back. That's what I like to see!

Well look what you did...

You did something i've rarely seen. You made an AWSOME flash movie and made me vote 5. Congrats this was like a good fighting movie and it proves tht you dont need stick figuers (xiao xiao) or blood to make a good fighting movie. I had to watch it twice cuz i didnt even notice the guy in the back.