Reviews for "Rebuild 2"

Very very nice.


-New leveling up mechanic was amazing, it added a whole new layer of strategy to an otherwise redundant endgame.
-Realistic dialogue and interactions.
-Total randomization. I loved the fact that I can start a game under the exact same specifications and still have everything be completely different.
-Immersible world. From beginning to end I can truly connect with the concept of a zombie apocalypse, and the characters involved.


-Expected outcomes. Now that I now consider myself a veteran to your 2 games, I can say that the things that prompt the multiple endings happening EVERY game EVERY time in the same way get very annoying when trying to play multiple rounds.
-Spastic difficulty. One game I can get a perfect starting position, 2 farms, 2 suburbs and a hospital within arm's reach, and the game will snowball from there. Other games I can spawn with 3 All-Marts and a science lab surrounding me, making getting ACTUAL resources impossible, thus killing the game before it starts.
-Random deaths. I don't really need to say anything do I? Even under the premise that I actually find and hold a hospital or 2, that doesn't help the 'zombie bites' that happen every 3 turns. I feel very pressured to research everything early lest I get screwed over by RNG.

Random pointless Gripes:

-The ending where you destroy the Judgment gang, don't get me wrong, they had it coming and then some. But... one of the main reasons was... mistreatment of... women...? I'm sorry, but in my opinion even slavery, genocide, and tyrannical dictatorship wouldn't bother me much during A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Mistreatment of anyone is bad, but zombies are worse. Much worse. If you replaced 'mistreatment of women' with 'crimes against humanity' that would be perfect. Otherwise, it seems like a non-issue. DURING A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!
-Yo dawg, why are there so many FARMS in an industrialized 'city'?
-Worthless decisions. Do you want this rotor (Which does nothing) or do you want the CURE FOR ZOMBIEISM?! (Which is actually maple syrup.) WHY.
-I see your... unique... art style is back. That's... uhh... >.>


It may seem like my negatives and gripes outweigh the positives I gave it, but trust me. I wouldn't of even known those negatives existed if the game itself wasn't addicting enough to play it over and over and find everything out about it. One of the best plays on NG's to date.

Loved it.

You should consider making this a phone App. I would definitely put in a bit of change for a copy.

What will they say next?

Very awesome game all around.

I love the witty, funny and well written pages they show the next day after a missions been completed.
Reading them and wanting to see what new things they will say.

Very well designed and entertaining.

True to the zombie tradition

I love this type of Zombie Survival Type Strategy games. You have to worry about your survivors and also worry about zombies and finding weapons and meds. I've been craving for this type of game for years. I've played this when I was little and I never got to review it.

This game is adictive i already get all the medals and still playing!