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Reviews for "A Trip to the Carnival"

That wasn't even a game

There was no game, just a story that you click through

seabere responds:

"video game: an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device" prettymuch says it all ;P


Not a bad piece of work for your first piece right after buying the software, but...it'd be nice if the game actually progressed past being eaten by a clown-zombie. There look like there might be, or should be options, but I've tried clicking just about everything to no effect. Am I missing something completely obvious?

seabere responds:

Nope, pretty much it. If I had actually written it it would have had some form of good ending type thing... or at least choices. thanks for the input and sorry I wasted so much of your time with my basic tech demo.

Way too linear. Technically not even a game.

Also 'Point and Click' doesn't mean click to advance the text until you inevitably die.
I'll give you a 1 because I'm impressed that you learnt how to script buttons within a few hours of having flash.

seabere responds:

Well they didn't have a section for whatever the hell this is (I want to say VN but that would be mocking VNs) so I just put it under point and click since there is no keyboard input. And thanks i'll make sure to upload something with more quality next time.