Reviews for "Galaxus"

Fuck the lowest denominator

I by that I mean fuck appealing to the idiots, the impatient, the ones with an IQ
below 100. It's ruining the game industry. You on the other hand, I applaud you.

So what if you made the game a little challenging. i think it makes it all that more
playable. I mean, if it was easy to get all the upgrades, and cruise through each wave as if it were a desert highway, what would be the point of playing it again? you already know you're going to win. While I did feel it was a bit harsh to start all the way from the beginning, it didn't feel unjust. I felt angry, not at the game, but at myself for running into that stray bullet, and it only made me play harder.

Games back then had to be challenging, that's how they kept interest. That's why video games got so big in the first place. Why should they be any different today, just because we have better graphics for them?

tl;dr: Good job man, keep up the good work.

P.S. anyone who down votes this is part of the lowest denominator


I love oldschool game stylization and too addicting to stop :)


is polish language very good I'a from Poland



love it

very cool \/

game ;)