Reviews for "Minecraft: Tna Part 3"

oh shit

also see part 4 go to youtube and find it

love it

keep the shows coming there great!

Trust him?

I just keep thinking that this would actually work better if it wasn't a parody. Everything just seems to be presented in such a subtle way. I guess I am just so used to madcap comedy with no real plot. I am glad to be learning more and more about this game as the series progresses. Everything just has so much depth even if it isn't presented with the standard graphics. I guess blocks can show a lot of detail too.

It's interesting to see them interact in a new city. It kind of makes you realize how you have the Internet to go and escape like that. I think everything is presented in a fairly realistic manner too. I imagine that people would probably act like this in the game. It's interesting to see how the characters play off each other.

Falconer02 responds:

Thanks! Cool review! This story is VERY loosely based upon the events of our server.


I think it would be funnier if you had the credits play the "lost" credits in this episode.

Falconer02 responds: