Reviews for "Shadmans Differences"


Very Challenging, Creeped me out a bit but was an interesting game!


what a f**king challenge

Found a huge glitch

if you keep clicking long enough until you reach zero your timer reroutes into a counter making it possible to get infinitely impossible score.

i reach over 2,368,914 after thinking it over, i just closed the game out cause of how cheap it felt submitting it.

so yeah, it was truly a challenge!


Good, but I found some issues

The game is terrific and I do have to say that the Shad is the only one that could make a difference point/click game awesome and rock.

But some issues I hold is that there needs to be some kind of marker system for which to see what you have already found.

Another issue, I lose ten points if I mute the audio in game...this is a punishment for not liking your choice? This also applies to the Walkthrough button, if it were me, you would lose like 1k for that, but none on the mute.

In the third puzzel, an issue is held with the skull's brow one, it is still different even after I clicked it.

Now, this is an issue I hold with the shad, in the last scene, the farthest foward guy's right hand fingers are way to damn long. I think this may have to do with your trying to get some depth to them, but something went wrong I guess.

One final thing, the scoring system is not right. The amount of points is just way too high for the rate of their lowering.

I hoped I helped some, and I am here, and as my profile says, ready to review for people!

cross-eyed technic

If you cross your eyes you can actually see the difference and it'll be much MUCH! easier. (if you dont know what cross eyed is the Google it)