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Reviews for "Roto Rate"

He did approve them!

This was a pretty interesting game because it had a very simple design to it. My biggest complaint is that it is annoying with how you have to move around so much to see the approaching meteors. At least the graphics are nice. I especially admire the music, which truly gives you a sense of being in a space adventure. Everything just sounds so ambitious in this especially with how the weapons fire. It's interesting how something so simple seeming can be fairly hard.

I suggest most people just go all around the planet to look for oncoming meteors. Be sure to immediately destroy them as soon as they come in sight. The way the planet becomes smaller might actually help you. It allows you to get a better look at what's coming on the other side of the planet. The controls work well, too.

MaTX responds:

Hi Ericho, thanks for your feedback!

Nice one!

Preety hard but good, good music, nice medals...

Easter Egg


To get the easter egg medal, just go to the credits and hold either the left or the right arrow key!

Hope this helps with whiners!

BTW, Pretty good game, just kinda hard to see sometimes but overall it's a pretty good game!

MaTX responds:

Thanks :)
The easter egg is probably the best part of the game! :D


Its a good game but some things bug me. First is that you have such a small field of vision espiecally when the planet you are on is large and it is difficult to see the meteors in time before its too late. The only way around it is to get hit a few times and shrink down so you can see whats coming and be able to collect bullets before one gets too close or the bullets disappear. A wider field of vision would be nice or a longer time to collect the bullets

MaTX responds:

Maybe for the sequel :D


Some old arcades are good to have back.
This isn't really one of them that I'd consider worth bringing back, but to each their own. If it was a fun experience for you to get it up and running more power to you :P

The controls, well, you've read it all before. If possible though, perhaps you could change them to be mouse based, and increase the field of vision around the area?

MaTX responds:

Good idea :)