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Reviews for "subject_b"

cut the cut scene drag

The quote at the end kinda didn't follow the emotion I was feeling at the end of the story.

I felt that with faster sequenced cut-scenes, you could reduced the amount of stagnant or non-useful story build-up and really deliver a home run on the last scene.

Despite my critique, I thought it was a wonderful piece. Thanks for submitting.

Good ambiance

The settings reminded me of the intro to Super Metroid, with the ruined lab and everything. Pretty neat way to introduce the Clocks into an post-apocalyptic world. Good job on becoming the icon of the Clock Day 2011 collection.

I love this flash!

The music fits so well with the movie. I also love the art style of this.


This is a really good flash movie!

But i don't see the point of cloning strawberrry clock...
Totally need a sequel!

RicePirate responds:

I really enjoy reading all the interpretations of the flash :) That said, I may as well lay down the actual storyline (at least once). This seems like just as good a place as any:

In the future, mankind is nearing it's end (nuclear holocaust, global disease, it's unsaid). In order to preserve the legacy of man, our combined knowledge, history, and experience, scientists attempt to create an organic tool capable of surviving the post-apocalyptic world.

This storyline takes place in research area B. Their subject, was the StrawberryClock. What other experiments took place in areas A, C-X ... remain a mystery. The SBC we see (the protagonist) is actually the result of thousands of attempts to create an artificial life-form to serve as the capsule for all mankind's knowledge and experience. Something that could be seen as a type of "madness".

SBC awakens to a deserted research facility. The place is a wreck, and the cause is unknown. He passes the operating room, learning center, cloning farm, discard pile (mass grave), security checkpoint, and makes his way out into the world, which is also in shambles.

The implication at the end, is that SBC not only is the sole surviver of civilization's collapse ... but possibly has the ability to infect other objects ... creating other clocks. Thus beginning a new era ... of clocks.


Man, how did I not see this on Clock Day? Great work! Reminded me of the Portal games... just the whole ruined laboratory thing. Nice!