Reviews for "Insert Title Here: Part B"

After all the trouble we've been though

Can't believe it's finally online. Quite unfortunate that we were ultimately forced to split it into two parts, but the story took a sudden twist at that break point. It was fun to take part in it and I hope we can make more of those, which will work next time.

An entertaining and well put together collaboratio

n. Great work!

Watched both parts!

Very nice, well put together collab with a beautiful ending. Good job to everybody involved in this. If there's another pass the flash in the near future I will be sure to contribute to it.

An underrated achievement

Years from now, this will be looked at as CC folklore. Honored to be part of it!

Truly amazing

I laughed my butt off at the way everything kept spiralling off into random directions, but even more when it all started knitting together again as it neared the ending. What an awesome celebration of Clock Crew madness.