Reviews for "Cuboy: Hot Pants"

Funny !!!!

Funny but alot of hard!!!!!
make a sequel of to the cubeture !!!


Great, played it for 30sec and now my screen is moving downwards.

Haha I love Cuboy!

Very addicting game. Lol after I look away from the screen my walls are moving.

Fun but...

If you play too long everything starts moving up like you are high on pot.

This game is fun and requires skill,plus its random.It never gets boring as you will always be pumped to do better than you did before.

And an extra of this game is that if you start to reach the score of 750+,it creates an illusion for you,like it did to me...when i died,the game looked like it was "melting" downward and the sides were going up...haha.That was awesome.