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Reviews for "NegaSonic Unleashed Ep.1"

this is when the hair got kind of rediculous

it's still good, but the hair thing got bad...


cool and this is big in fullscreen

Thank you marnicX, i hope you did have more of sonic flash.


Cool story bro, Nice choppy attempt at drawing their faces off screen =P hairstyles are acceptable, but could've been better. I was more ofset from the ofscreen faces =P

Cant wait for part 2!

Getting better.

I can see your improving. The only real issues I have is your custom transformation sprites are just the back of their heads cut and pasted into several layers which is supposed to make them look like they have big hair. But it really just makes them look silly. The other thing is the parts with repeated punching and blasting last a little too long so it gets annoying and repetitive. I like the music though. Oh and I know you added a scene select, but I think your intro also lasts too long.