Reviews for "Robots vs Zombi"

so fun

i love games like this


I love this game, the tower defense element are quite balanced, good job

Very good game.

This game is really awesome, interesting and balanced (its easy only at begin). Big thanks for this game. Good luck with ur next project i hope they will be more awesome.

Hmm. I understand you are an indie game dev. How did you make money off of this game? I don't see any ads!

Badim responds:

Newgrounds shares a small amout of Ads with developers. And I sell this game on iTunes as well - if you need promo code - just pm me.

There are also static ads inside game - like links, etc. If you intrested more - pm me for more details. I have few articles about that.

yeah i got a huge bug on level 2

everything fucked up. a lot of enemy instances were added to stage and the collisions didn't work however the ENTER_FRAME functions still ran though.

the artwork seems pretty uninspired too. i feel kinda bad for you though for spending probably a large amount of time programming a cookie cutter game like this.

Badim responds:

tnx - i just catch it too. will fix it soon.