Reviews for "Murloc RPG: SF"

good game fun :)

i was playing this game when it was just murloc rpg. then, you only slaped them, rather then chop with a sword, and the ending had nothing to do with the teleporter. everything after that was non existant. however, after you beat it, there was an arena where you foght night elves, and i got a hammer that was instiant kill on anything. that was fun...

Great game!I've always hope to play WoW once in a lifetime.Thanks for make it com true even it only a bit :))

It definitely is addicting but it took so long to level up. I had to buy a lot of spiced meat and magic dust just to keep myself alive while leveling up. :s also, the interactivity is a bit tedious for me. you'd have to press spacebar just to interact with anything PLUS you'd have to get close to the items/characters. these are only minor things tho. all in all i enjoyed playing the game. BTW: im hating those apes every second. they're too resilient. lol

an good game but the character wasnt affected by the int str conttributes plz fix this bug