Reviews for "Madness:The Scene Creator"

Theres feet alright

Feet right by the sinper rifle.This is awesome by the way when are you going to make madness incedent scene creator?

love it ut can you help

ok its good and all but i cant find the feet.
Anyways can you tell me the code for rotation cause i might make scene creators too.

Good But Roadkill Better

You Say That You ant A Zombie Or Auditor Stuff And You Have A Heck Of A Lot More Room To Place Items! So Basically, You Are Lazy!

somespammer224 responds:

At the time that I was Making it i didnt seem there was much space....I try to fix it...

I liked it better than most out there.

Though there are a few things that could improve it.

Number one being feet, they're one of the staples of Madness so leaving them out simply isn't an option. Also, if you notice the effects are lagging, it's because you need to turn up the FPS (Frames per second) in the settings. On a side note, the reason I always had the explosion/fire effects not animated, was because it fit the whole "still" feel you get with a scene creator. Not a priority, just recommended .

Also, instead of having so much dead space (space with nothing in it) You should lower the height of your flash. (This can be done in the same place you higher the FPS)

Keep it up, this is very much an upgrade from your first two.

somespammer224 responds:

I appreciate your criticism,thank you for the tip on the FPS,there is feet, however, over by the Sniper Rifle, and as for the dead space, at the time I was making it, It looked like i didn't have enough room,

And when I tested it, I didn't press the maximize option on the window, so from what i could see, all space was was taken.


this is ok and there are feets everything semms to be ok but you could add more stuff...