Reviews for "Ricks Minecraft Tales"



One words... penis

the creepers looked like floppy green penises... so ya that made me laugh... not that I'm immature or anything... also the chicken part was epic

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Love the style! There were several moments that actually made me lol which is surprising for a random 'Under Judgement' submission. Well done!


Minecraft has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. There are parodies all over the Internet. The popularity of something on the Internet is proportional to the number of jokes made about it, I suppose.

The graphic quality is good, but it's simply not smooth. It looks good in a few places, but the animation is overly jumpy and detracts from the animation. The roughness of the animation is nearly made up for by the good quality of the frames that are actually there and the facial expressions of the characters.

The facial expressions of the characters and the way the creepers move adds to the silly theme of the animation itself. The creepers swing along as if to say "Don't mind me. Just creeping around.", but the protagonist is rightfully confused by their odd appearance.

That being said, Minecraft jokes related to creepers are a common theme in Minecraft parodies. They're done much too often. The parts with the lava and the chicken were original, though, and show that this flash is about more than creepers exploding and causing havoc.

The ending with the chicken is the best part of the animation. It's unexpected and not entirely logical, but it's just what was needed to end the animation.

Overall good animation and very good considering only eight hours of production time.

RickkMurray responds:

wow thanks for the long review. I do agree on you with the creeper jokes and I have noticed everyone dose them. There was another skit I wanted to do but by then this was on newgrounds. lol again thanks for the review
RIP Chicken

I liked it a lot!

The art was very good! The comedy wasn't all that original, as you tend to get generally the same jokes from minecraft, but it's no big deal. I did see a few original ideas in there, so it all worked out. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more in the future.