Reviews for "Awesome Noire"


"hey come here franky" "sheeeeeet" also i liked "poop!"


Like every other Awesome flash, I'll be quoting this for months on end. Goddamnit, you hilarious person.

Ah, made me laugh a bit.

I just realized you just draw pictures and move the mouths along to the speech. But there's a lot of "one face to the next" moments wheres it just flickers, the whole thing is pretty much made up of them. Never noticed before but interesting style.

Anyways yes made me snicker, it was good in general keep it up!


Good to see I'm not the only one who found his very intricate and detailed drawings odd. Should've gotten into Art, that Phelps. Well, I made it about halfway through the game... I couldn't bare to finish it myself. Your flash looked better than the game. :D


(See title)