Reviews for "Derpcraft"

Did anyone else notice if you touch the creepers face on the loading screen,he gets sunglasses?

Fantastic hahaha

D;\ This video is so ugly! Why'd I watch this? I DON'T FUDGING GET IT! JK! But you must REEEEAAAALLLLYYYY hate your cousin. But, at the same time, this. was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the creeper's face when he peeks through the window. all right, I found myself some coal! Heck yeah! Oh shittake mushrooms, son, I found myself some iron! Heck yea, I found myself some. . . oh shittake mushrooms, it's gold. well, now I have to go ride giant pink waffles, take eggs from a duck, and attacks, well, cows. AKA, play Minecraft. but, first, have 5 stars. (I don't swear online because I get a weird feeling it'll come back to haunt me, so that's the reason why I substituted fudge, heck, and shittake mushrooms.)

Im not trying to be a doushbag, but the easteregg is before you click on the PLAY button click on the creeper's face.

Ross' fucking house, awesome job man! Also was your little cousin really over when you first tried Minecraft?