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Reviews for "Jumping Jim"

really cool game!

The only aspect of this game i wished was better.... was the in game background music. The background music really didn't have a game feel to it.. but other than that.. i loved the concept of over coming obstacles in a platform style!

Great game!

Fantastic quick fix of fun. On second thought, I probably shouldn't be playing this at work.

I love the music. Who wrote it? Where did you get that in-game track?

Fun and challenging.

Really fun game, though I'm pretty disappointed that it didn't save my progress.

A balanced mixture of moods.

This game hit me by surprise. I looked at the new uploads sidebar as i do every so often, and i saw the name 'Jumping Jim'. My first thought was "oh, another sprite platformer, may as well give it a go."

...But i was so, so wrong.

This game was a lovely surprise. From it's addictive simple gameplay yet with physics measured to perfection, to it's pleasingly simple art style, this game is something you can load up and get immersed into within seconds. And by that, i mean as soon as the first level starts.

Looking at the title screen, you wouldn't be expecting the level design and art style that pops up and smacks you in the face when you click start game - let alone the stunning piano score that commences. The whole mood of the game suddenly shifts, and you genuinely start to wonder where this man is, why is he here, where is he going. But then you reach the end of the game, where you are then transported back to the laid back attitude, where our hero who we have just traversed through 3 different terrains with is slouching on his sofa watching the telly, with 'BJ' on his ballsack. Yet this is as pleasant a mood switch as any, and you laugh not only at what is on the screen, but also at yourself for thinking thew game had taken a serious turn, and being fooled by yourself.

All in all, the game had it's own unique charm and gameplay that i would happily see again in another game. It ran smoothly throughout and despite what others say, I did not have to tolerate any sort of frame rate drop at any point in the game.

I wish you success in your next ventures in game development and hope to see another installment from your team soon.


NobodyHome responds:

Thanks for the amazing review. I can't really say much else. You pretty much put to rest any initial fears we had about the game not living up to what we believed it could.

You'll definitely be seeing more from us in the future.

Thanks again for the great review

Almost perfect

I honestly love it, and the music gives it a really pleasant mood. But my only gripe is the noticeable drop in frame rate when you jump on a pink block/dirt block/get a key. Almost every time you touch one of those it stops for a second and usually sends you straight down causing you to restart it. Fix that and you'll have a solid game.

But you still get a 10. =D

NobodyHome responds:

Thanks for the review!

Honestly, I thought I had fixed the drop in frame rate. We had 4 computers testing as well as a few friends, and it seemed to be fixed.

We're really sorry the problem still persists, the best I can do is look into it, but unfortunately can't guarantee a fix.

Cheers for the 10 :)