Reviews for "Skincraft"

absolutly fantastic. not crowded like other skin making utilities. it is irritating that the blur bleeds over into other parts of the skin some times but that can easily be countered by running the skin through another program like paint .net (that's the app's name NOT A LINK). I've been using this to make my own skins since 2012ish. It would be nice to have some hot keys for the tools, and to have some optional minecraft-themed background music. A downloadable client would also be nice to be able to make skins even when the internet goes out. Also the colour palette needs more options, such as alpha, and saturation. Those are /desperately/ needed. Also, an option to make higher resolution skins (if you're doing mobs for a respack, for example) would be fantastic. This utility makes creating skins so easy i find it to be /fun/.
Thank you for your service to this site and community <3


amazing skin maker :D

good editor

5 Stars. Ever since I started getting an interest in making skins, this is my top 1 choice. Yes, there are a few features I'd like to see added that are from some apps on the play store. But still, this website is where I made my skins (most) that have over 100 views. Right now, I only have 2 that's above 4000+ views. I just like how you can add so many details to one skin, then make another that has some things in common, like hair, and I'm much more specialized in male hair. But still, this game is the best, I have made very awesome skins by using this game. And I'm happy the creator(s) have made this. And so, I'll say this, thank you for creating this game.

At first I thought the game was pretty bad but I was playing on a website, so it wasn't updated, XD
after I played on here I was a little mad when my online skin would not work, but when I restarted making my skin again, I saw the changes and I thought the game was amazing! This is the best skin maker in the world but I just want ONE thing, a redo button but other than that its great!

Why I love this game so much is it's very organized easy to use, and you can use your own skin on Minecraft! When you can figure out how the game works you can create everything you want!

100/5 stars!