Reviews for "Skincraft"

I really love this skin editor, as I always go to this one to make my skins. I do have a recommendation to add something. I would like to see a slim character option (The Alex skin's model where the arms are 3 x 4 pixels) in the future.

I've been using the skin I made on here for the past 8 years. Really holds up well.

THIS IS THE BEST SKIN CREATOR I EVER SAW the feedback is that you slhud add like in the color you are filling you can put a mode for that so that make as thing that is like a darker color of the color and a normal a lhigter like the hair

I love Skincraft. That's...all I really need to say.

The score would be higher, but I want support for "slim" skins. It's actually been needed for a while now.

This is awesome!