Reviews for "LegionForce"


I'd name that pretty much a teaser.......

The plot...

I'm not up to date on the series, and after watching this one I see why. The story, if being told in short segments like this one, must not be very interesting. I have to say that adding TF into the plot totally derailed the entire piece. Why does everyone give such praise to TF? I know he is the reason NG exist, but ummm, you may as well praise Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, right? After all they have more to do with your creation than TF...

Anyway, my advice to you is to make each part of your series capable of standing on it's own as an interest-grabbing piece. Otherwise a person like myself who is not privy to this series will see something as 'holy' as this and just say "meh", it's another flash using cut-out tech. Good color, Good sound all around, but medial delivery in my opinion.

My god....

Twas a fantastic flash good sir, the art was amazing, the animation was top notch, the voice acting was even good.
I'm proud of you boy.

for winners only

nuff said

good fight

I usually hate everything about the "clock" or "lock " but I love this animation. It's a nice fight. It's short but very well animated. The drawings are beautiful. This is a very good job. You are skilled.