Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 9"

The champ of creepy returns!

Holy Hell, just when we thought Salad Fingers could'nt get any more creepier it does. This time around I noticed the animation style has somewhat improved and the shakey subtitles are still in tact.

And I must've blinked did Salad Fingers give birth to a dead baby? Holy hell that's messed up.

Salad Fingers fans you're in for one hell of a mindfuck in this long awaited episode!

Welcome back!

have missed Salad Fingers...

A fantastic return

Your animation has really improved noticeably since episode 8! You kept true to what makes Salad Fingers fantastic, creepy and entirely unique. I'm a wee bit sore I didn't make a return, but it was lovely to see Marjorie Stewart Baxter again. All in all a fantastic installment of my favourite flash.


I can't believe it, finally a new episode. This IS exciting.