Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 9"


Firstly, it is an honor to catch one of your works going through the portal, especially one I have so eagerly awaited!

It's easy to tell you've spent more effort on the visuals this time, but I suppose after three years of new experience, ones flash skills would improve.
As for the episode itself, compared to the others, Salad Fingers simply doesn't have the shock appeal anymore. It's a shame, but it won't affect the score, at least not this time.

I very much hope to see another one, hopefully within three years.

The champ of creepy returns!

Holy Hell, just when we thought Salad Fingers could'nt get any more creepier it does. This time around I noticed the animation style has somewhat improved and the shakey subtitles are still in tact.

And I must've blinked did Salad Fingers give birth to a dead baby? Holy hell that's messed up.

Salad Fingers fans you're in for one hell of a mindfuck in this long awaited episode!

Welcome back!

have missed Salad Fingers...

A fantastic return

Your animation has really improved noticeably since episode 8! You kept true to what makes Salad Fingers fantastic, creepy and entirely unique. I'm a wee bit sore I didn't make a return, but it was lovely to see Marjorie Stewart Baxter again. All in all a fantastic installment of my favourite flash.


I can't believe it, finally a new episode. This IS exciting.