Reviews for "The I of It"


I'm amazed that people like this so much, and very happy that they do. The humour in this appeals to my British sensibilities.
It's also quite hard to complete because I'm drunk off my tits.

Great game

This is one of the best games i have ever played on NG, it was very creative, the music was great, the narration was pretty cool, and the gameplay was very creative. I seriously can't believe the letter I went through all that shit just to find T lol

The hotwire was extremely frustrating though, other than that, this game was great, and i give it a 10/10

BTW, you should definitely make a Holiday Sim 2


somehow kept me interested throughout and creative and increasingly difficult but good overall, and real good considering this game can be beaten fairly quick.

very good game

i keep coming back to it simple and challangeing if that doest scream win i dont know what does
5/5 allday

Ouch! Cried I, and died. ahahahaha