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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"

more whores and drugs

it's goes beyond regular flash games, great game play. as for the story, you manage to bring it to life with that whore, the real disappointment is a was hoping for at least some titties!


Really, really good. If this is a mini-game then I really can't wait for Ortus!

I like the mechanics of the game, I've always been a fan of Baldurs Gate etc. so this was right up my street. I thought the mix of enemies was good and the overall gameplay complex and tricky - but not impossible. The mix of different skills was a nice touch as it really did require some thought as to when to use each power.

One small thing, I'd like there to be some sort of information as to what resource points are accumulated for as it seems to be a bit arbitrary. After each battle you just get the points but you don't get any information on why those points were given or whether you could have gotten more for going about the battle in a different way, using less (or more) of your skills, having more health at the end etc.

On the whole though, cracking game and I can't wait for Ortus! Great work.

Battle for Wayland Keep - Review

Battle for Wayland Keep is an extremely successful Action RPG. It has a very nice presentation, the speakers in my opinion are magnificent (high praise at this point!) and the graphics are quite nice also be considered. However, the otherwise good overall impression hitch to childhood illnesses: the controller, for example, the modern action RPGs should be adjusted. Through the eternal with the mouse clicking but otherwise fairly exciting fights to lose much ride. What I will say this: make a further part or putting a patch. For Flash Games with such a shamelessly good presentation is very rare.



It's fun but it lags to much. And while its lagging the enemies are just destroying me. I'ts not my computer, I have a fast computer.

Nice graphics, but very hard and gets boring

The game has a really nice graphics and I also like that betwean battles you can og around and talk to everyone and the dialoges are not as dull as we are used to in classic RPG-s. Haveing a junky and a whore in the Keep is a goot idea too.
But the battles get very hard after a while becouse as the enemy gets stronger and stronger both in quality and quantity (while you aren't get stronger that much) it requires more and more multitasking from the player to beat them. They are attacking in vast numbers from two directions and you are not only completely alone, but you mut protect a wall too, and somehow need to do this with a very slow walking speed. So good luck finding the fitting ability for eachsituation in a split second and useing them in 1-2 seconds to avoid being completely overhelmed! And if this wouldn't be hard enough the abilities often don't work, at least not instantly, I need to click several times - and aim again before each click - to finally pull them off. And becouse everything is controlled solely by the mouse you can't move while selecting one of your tricks and selecting it's impact area, so this too buyes the enemies plenty of time to damage the wall and me.
The rescources are very scarce too and much of them goes to repairs so you can't really upgrade either.
And why does it get boring after a few battles? Becouse each battle is the same just with more enemies and a few more abilities. Basically you just click around.

My suggestions:
Such intense battles can't be fought effectively with a mouse-controlled character. He should be controlled with WASD and mouse. He also souldn't be completely alone. At least that archery support they are tolking about in the keep sould be countinuos instead of just a one-time barrage of an area. But some controllable freindly fighters would be nice to have too, especially when the enemy gets really numerous and tough. This should give some more variety to the game and keep it from getting boring.