Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"


This is one really cool video! It had great animation! keep up the good work!


I was thinking there are some other characters you could have added I love all you did choose,but here is some examples that I think you should add if you make a game for it or a second Bitey,Blockhead,and meatboy Those are my opinions.Love the entire thing!! Awesome though LOL 3XD


must make a number 2!


not gonna lie though you missed a lot of people like blockhead, mastermind, Alloy, and convict. But did anyone wonder what happened to larry and tankman? I didn't see them die.

I'm a little confused

Okay, this animation is AWESOME and is one of the best I've ever scene but nothing else really stands out for me. It's like a movie with all fight scenes or car chases. What's the plot? It's not funny and its not interesting. Perhaps I'm totally missing the point. Regardless though your skills are top notch and you have SOO much potential. I'm still giving this a very high score but I'm just explaining why I'm not giving it a 10 and how if you combined a good story on top of your animation you could make something truly special