Reviews for "Spy"


gadgets, robots, sneaking around, what more could you ask for in a game called SPY. Great story, good enough graphics, fun and innovative gameplay. AWESOME

Dont listen to these idiots

I hate it when great flashes get 0s because some idiots can't afford a decent computer. I just played the tutorial and i say 5/5

DjSonicx responds:

you're not the only one who dislikes that situation X3



at last. REALLY GOOD stealth game on flash.

DjSonicx responds:

Thank you :3

really nice game

Almost perfect it only needed an explosion when he was escaping from the building that would make it perfect.And why would someone design a spy bot that looks like a box ok that fine but why did they write spy right on the bot like they want the enemy to know that its a spy bot.Anyways good game.

Great graphics, great challenge, good voice. Im just sad it was not longer.