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Reviews for "1493 Battle over Pacific"

It's decent...

Junglefeet beat me to the point. But still, you mixed up the numbers, the battle over the pacific in WWII happened in 1943, not 1493. Also, not to mention, airplanes didn't exist in the 15th century, so that's ridiculous in itself

Go to http://www.newgrounds.com/account/fla sh/edit/567770 to fix that.

Aside from the messed up title, the game was decent, and I'll give a 7 for the effort.

Nice job

Did you make the soundeffects yourself?

That's cool if you did, but I think it would sound better if you found actual explosion and gun soundeffects rather then doing it yourself.
Decent artwork though!
Sometimes it looked like the bullets were counting as hits on my plane when they should have gone past, maybe a clipping problem.
Others have already pointed out the title mistake, but that's and easy fix.


So this was kind of a classic of a "GAME" kind of reminds me of "1943" it has great sound some nice game graphics of the planes and some decent explosions and whatnot, I think adding much more flashy effects to this would be a huge plus, for the mostpart it was pretty fun.

I think adding much more flashy effects to this would be a huge plus



idea is good.
But i think you meant 1943 battle over pacific.
1493 was a year after Columbus rediscovered the western-hemisphere for the europeans...
Spanish inquisition- era as well.
No fighter planes though.

please retry on this game I can help you to come up with new art ideas and game story if you want just add me back