Reviews for "Psychosomnium"

people these days

you know, i don't get people, just cause they don't understand the game, or find it too difficult or just refuse to see that this game is more then meets the eye, they just rate it down, seriously -_-

oh well, the game rocks, it's one of those rare "original" games that does something other games didn't, good job man, good job ;)


sorta good, but too short.

Difficult but fun.

I found the game rather difficult at times but once I got past the hard parts I found it quite fun. I actually though the bee bit was my favourite bit, flying wasn't so hard once you got the basics of it down. I wish it was a little bit longer though. Oh and lol at "I AM THE MAGICIAN!". XD


what happened to jimmy?

i feel like the story is cut short xD

the beginnin it says, its ur dream u control watever, okay you die. then u do watever nd keep dyin, the bee's death is the dumbest but the gunner. cmon. he aint even shootin fo shit cus the castle is the magician. nd who the fuck is the magician! what he trynna do. he cant go no where >:[ idk ijust dont get the game xD