Reviews for "Inner Darkness"

Beautiful piece of art.

The amount of detail put in this whole picture is quite amazing. The way the lighting is done on the pants compared to the armor is marvelous. The facial expressions on the detailed face are of sorrow. The foggyness of the clouds look amazing. The type of outlining done has a very professional feel to it. The extreme uses of different shades of blue, red, etc have been done perfectly and just make this picture stand out completely. Beautiful work of art.

I love the colors used in these pieces of artwork, especially the purples, reds, and greens.

The detailing is beyond great.

I love the emotion sensed in her face.

Great job. Keep up the good work.

I love it she is beautyfu

It looks like you are in fact turning this into an actual story. Well, it uses the same character at least. Look, if you're making someone as loved as this, you should make a cartoon out of it! I can just see you winning every positive award out there. From the title, I thought this was going to be something disgusting. Like, you would talk about her literal insides.

I am so glad you did not. You get to learn so much from this one image. She seems to be slowly turning less carefree as the pictures go on. Well, I don't know their chronological order. The colors are wonderfully bright too.

I love the colors and the textures so much. Especially the hair. It looks so soft!