Reviews for "Bio Assault"


Truly a wonderfull game. Great graphics, addictive gameplay and interesting boss fights. 5/5.

Little cheat for being invincible

Nice game, it was fun, and i loved music.
For being almost invincible: just buy the shiel and keep tapping the spacebar...since this powerup has unlimited uses, it will make you invincible, even for crashing enemies.
So, don't cry if level 5 is hard, go for it and play!!

A bit easy..

Didn't even used my special attacks. like space and num: 1,2,3,4. No sorry I just upgrades my magnet, firepower and some hull and speed. Not even maxed out! And I beated the game like a cake walk. You know why? The bosses are almost the same they spawn fire exact the same like all the bosses they only look different. AI was OK but damn sometimes the normal battles where easier than the bossbattles LOL you dodge those bullets so easy (bosses) Loves the upgrade system though, and the graphics and music. That is also the ONLY reason I would still give this a 10 and a 5. Game looks awesome, so I will comment you to really make a sequel with more and deathlier aliens/badguys. If you do that you got yourself an awesome adicting game. Hope you make a sequel :D!!! Fun game though really. I played it out so... that says at least something.

Well... long message, sorry for that. Peace out. ^_~

Great game,

However I faced a bug on level 11 where the enemy ships don't spawn and instead spawn at the left side of the screen where I cant hit them and the game was endless.

This game is so easy to have these badges, even though you kept on failing on any level, you earn some bytes, you lose at least 1/3 of them. Keep upgrading, these help me a lot, nice job! :D