Reviews for "Bio Assault"


Bullets. Bullets everywhere


this is a really good game, got through half of it befor i relized i wasend loggen in...looking forward to playing it another hour!

@anton, there where specials?


Dude I took the time to really analyze everything you put into here and it find everything just right. The difficulty, the upgrades, the health and power ups placement. I didn't find it too easy or too hard.

How anyone found it impossible is beyond me, I mean if you have to cheat at the game and still can't win, you just suck at games; period.

Great game. Great great game.

Never died once!

A very good game. My favorite style (vector graphics). i think it is because the lack of "textures" stimulates some imagination.

But, can't give a perfect score (stars) because there are problems:
1- The prices make few sense: It's better to pass level 1 and 2 and just buy the Kasperky Cannon to save on bytes and making the next levels much easier in the process. The shop can be totally bought before the last level, so this isn't essential.
2- The medals should be awarded at level completion and not the level start. It's entirely possible to achieve all medals without ever facing the final boss.