Reviews for "N?na, Ha?e F?aith"

I love this game I really do

the control though often get very touchy or not responsive, other than that it's not too hard a game, I didn't have any problems with it being slow at all. I would like to know what is being said when you close your eyes sometimes I can figure out what it's saying but other times I"m clueless.

Good game

Kinda hard to read the text but maybe that's how it 'pose to be, music could have been better.. otherwise interesting game concept.. enjoyed it.

Multiple endings?

This was a fun game. I found myself slipping off ledges quite a few times though, and tapping to run is a bit annoying. [spoilers] Made it all the way to the end without killing anyone except the first guy, and destroyed all the statues. I still get a bad ending. I don't know if there's anything more, or if reaching the farthest room was the only reward, but I lost interest in the game by then. Considering the choices your given, I would like to see more then one conclusion.[/spoilers]


I love this game, It doesn't have perfect controls I know and I undestand can be a problem especially in the last zones(reaching the other side of the "impossible" jump zone), but neither need a perfect controls to work and send us that mystery message.
Play once again, It's a mystery game that rewards with more mystery if you play it using the moves that give you the author(and some "enemies" give you clues to use it). It isn't easy, but It's possible.
In my opinion, the last zone is brilliant.

Very good game

The controls are a little loose, but that's not wholly unexpected after Fishmonger. One question: what's the use of that door at the top? It doesn't lead anywhere except to a piece of information most people will have figured out by then anyway, and going there costs time and a key. Why not make it just open by default?

Droqen responds:

Fishmonger? That's a new one xD

tbh the door at the top doesn't make gobs of sense, but I've witnessed its being useful before. I probably could have removed it without harm, but I find it rarely does anything bad (aside from having people realize it's pointless) and sometimes does a bit of good.