Reviews for "The Sagittarian 2"

all achievement get

besides that the game was pretty god damn awesome
the art style was simple yet elegant and distinctive
the songs were nicely picked and fit the mood of the game
the endings were awesome and needed some thinking to get
yet thank you for this awesome flash submission
you fuckin deserve a STAR :)

...every man for himself!

This was a great deviation from my otherwise boring day. The dialogue was a little goofy, but It was perfect for the story and probably pretty damn true to life. When you've been at war for over a year serious (bleep) just starts to be funny after a while.

Story was great and I died with honor like 4 times ;) Good game, please keep it up.

great sequel improvement

can't believe sagittarian got a sequel!? very unexpected, a pleasant surprise.
Looking forward to updates and bug fixes, if there are any!

Thank you for a grand submission

always loved choose-your-own adventure books

and this is just as enjoyable. my only complaint is that the text is too light against the background. really rough on people with poorer vision. maybe darken it just a few shades? :)

Hyptosis responds:

I'll do that, thanks!


Great game i couldnt stop myself from getting all endings. But this history reminds me of a comics i once read.