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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 2"

Another great game

Nice storyline, so many possibilities
and i can't stop listen 'late now'

Make a part 3

or the zombies will eat you and make sure its long :)

Excellent Drawings and Game!

Music was entertaining and set the mood of the game.

The drawings visually puts me in that situation and pick what is best for the survival of our species.

As for overall, the game mechanics was smooth and there was no crash of sort.

Thanks for this wonderful game and I hope you can create more games such as this because it's a unique style that nobody can copy, YOURS!


so fun, if it was longer, i could have played it for hours on end. please make another! I really like this game andthe music, you so should amke another one!

the music...

was really tempted to mute it... good game though