Reviews for "The Sagittarian 2"

Magnificant *-*

Guy, u have talente.

I loved sagitarian 1 and love this too. And the song is awesome *-*

Keep the nice work o/

Very fun

It's fun and entertaining to see what different paths take you where. By the way, I have all the medals :D Anyway, keep up the good work!


Has an alright story, a bit cliche, though. The art was well done. The text should have been darker. Still fun game, well done.

lav it matey :D

love the options its cool to mess around with while your doin sumert, but yh...eny way to kill that nate zombie dude *angiry noises*

It was pretty good

I like that you expanded it, but could you use a more bold color for the text? I have to strain my eyes at times.