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Reviews for "Biosfreaks Apocalypse"


I laughed when the awsome face popped up on the statue of liberty.. also i dont see why people dont like it i mean sure the animations bad but its still good.

biosfreak responds:



wheare is the apocolypse?
and i do not wanne be a dick but youre making excuse youre 13, and there for cannot make a deasent flash. if i weare you i would practice some more and work with people wo can make a decent frame rate. and when you have a "perfect'' flash i would love to see it.

biosfreak responds:

yeah you see the apocalypse more in the sequel and i should search for an animator

thanks for your review en geef me een biertjuh!
ja ik ben ook nederlands

in all honesty

it might as well have just been an audio submission, the animation was really lacking, and the only thing that kept me going was the sound and voice acting.

biosfreak responds:

yes your right about the animation

but i thought it was a funny idea and no1 mentions the idea so i guess i just really have to work on the animation for episode 2


everything failed, exept mabye the voices

biosfreak responds:

and the reason for that is?

also you can try to make flsh yourself first and im 13
do you see alot 13year olds making these?


voice acting and sound was good. animation was lacking

biosfreak responds:

can't do alot with that

and yes animation wasn't that good but that was because pato93 coudnt give me the frames of sticky walking so i had to make it myself