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Reviews for "ZombieMurderExplosionDie"


This would be the best show ever! Get it made! QUICK!

Holy shit.

That was fucking awesome. I would totally watch that show.

10/10 good sir!

This Will be an Amazing Show

Cross my fingers that this will take off soon!! I can see how the clash of interests in lifestyle and generation can lead to a funny and dramatic Zombie killing show! The music was great for a first time scorer. Good luck and I really hope this project will workout for you all!!!!

All style, little substance.

Your audio work is very well done.

The animation is tasteful, stylish, and well polished.

However, going from the trailer alone, it seems lacking in characterization. Hopefully when you bring a pilot to the stage, it'll be a bit more fleshed out and less one-dimensional.

Also, those were level 6 zombies, do some damn research.