Reviews for "Plumet 2"

I can never be plumet king

Lol, the game lagged when I unlocked "steaker," then I die and broke my streak. :)

A very fun fast paced game that had a lot of replay value. Getting the 1,200 medal made my heart race one I obtained it. The pacing for all the medals was also on point. Collecting a new character every run meant getting to run with a new character every run, which I enjoyed. The controls (which is the most important part) were solid. The running and stopping were dead on. If you died, it was your fault for your reaction time. The character selection was not only huge, but original as well. Great game.

I got about 10 or 11 medals in 1 run... :3 BeAt ThAt!! *0*

i think i give up. i have every other medal except plumet king. i had 1101 on my first try. After that my average was probably about 850 metres. that last badge is impossible. i was so close. o3o