Reviews for "What's the Worst"


hes like awwww this is the worst day of my life this is awesome!!!!!!

So true.

I know what it's like getting my arm ripped off. Except it was by a raptor.


here voice.... no offence but big flaw. Other than that I liked the animation plus the story. Kepp it Up!


But I liked it. The voices had an odd sound to them, but I could at least understand it. Something to work on. I liked your animation, It wasn't god awful. And also, I thank you for the random moving lock of hair. I hate when people have the same picture sit there with no motion for long periods of time.That has redeemed your -1 for voice-acting. 10(initial)-1(voice-acting)+1(being smart)=10 Congrats. ;D

What's the worst?

grabbing a slap from the girl you asked to the dance,I know,I tried,I experienced