Reviews for "3-D Ragdoll Balance DEMO"

smash it!

when you smash the stick from all up it becomes flat on the ground xD
funny as hell. (it only happened once)
make the panning done bij right clicking? or WASD? and the dragging with left click and arrow keys.
i think that would work best?
When you finish it i would definitly review it again :D


considering this is just a demo i thought it was quite good and shows promise, particularly cuz it felt so 3D


must be funny when stoned xD

decent game, does what it says on the tin....

but still pretty boring; not much you can do. You can do some pretty funny things to do like dance, or get from one side of the screen, off camera and then to the other in different ways


i threw him aaaaand....he never came back.......:(
why do they never come back?!?!!?!?!!? WHY?????!!! D: