Reviews for "Space Bound"

Cool :)

NIce game :) now i just need to let my trigger finger heal :P

ninty96zie responds:

thanks for the review, and btw love ur music :P that's one of the reasons why it's in my flash :D


but wen you win it just seas fin,there should at least be a animation of the boss exploding or something.
also there is a glitch in the boss,you can just fly thro the middle of the 2 other ships and i didn't get hit?!?!?! great boss music tho! :D

ninty96zie responds:

lol, i guess you found that little cheat out :P I put it there intentionally, so people could have an easy win if they managed to find it :P And with the whole bos exploding, i was going to hold the fate of the boss until the next part, cos if all you know the boss may not explode... and thank Bjra for the great boss music not me :D

but the next level takes long.
I can`t stand on it!

Why is this impossible?


The ready, set , go takes wayyyyy to long! and it could do with some background though, stars at the very least...

This is just my opinion but I'd prefer to use arrow keys to move it :P, aside from that not bad :), kept me entertained for a bit

ninty96zie responds:

.... did you actually play through the entire thing, cos the game is more than just that bit.... there is a platforming bit aswell...

Not bad

I just started to use game factory 2 myself and I can say that this game is actually pretty cool. However I found several bugs:
-I can't find the back button when I read the instruction, I have to reload the page.
-I can't see all of the health bar in the flying level, half of it is outside the screen.
-In the flying level, the background doesn't take up the whole space.
-In the platforming level, I can't see my health at all times, i can only see it in full when I jump. If you kept it static in a corner it might help.
-If you fall halfway through the platforming level, the game doesn't end.

As a side note, I do agree that the space level drags on for too long, add a boss fight or more variety in enemies. If that takes up too much space increase the difficulty by making the asteroids fly faster and reduce the length of the level.

This isn't a bda game, with a bit more work it can turn out pretty good. Don't give up!

ninty96zie responds:

with the majority of the issues, I can only really think that the problem is on your end... maybe you've zoomed in on the game too much? I played it throuh several times, and the only bug i could find was with the whole falling off on the platforming level doesn't kill you. thanks for the review anyways :D