Reviews for "The Visitor: Massacre"

if there's

"..something swimming around and scaring all the animals..." why are you in there, you stupid blonde twit? wooo I'd have my shot gun, my flame thrower, my beam cannon... my laser screwdriver, my sonic screwdriver, and camp my ass in a corner with a mini fridge and fifty gazillion lights on. DIE YOU LITTE MUTHAFUCKER!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE!! AHAHAHAH

awesome game. I thought it sucked before, but now I get it. heh. creepy, disgusting, disturbing fun...


Can only eat my size or smaller, yet when the creature is the size of a rat, it can eat a full grown human? hmm..

The otter maze

For all of you who are stuck on the otter maze, it's pretty easy, all you have too do is avoid the stork at the start and eat the chipmunk, climb the trees to the right and down a bit from the start point, eat the warthog, climb back through the trees and eat the tortiose. Swim past the otter to the right and eat the warthog. Then go back (and eat the otter on the way) and eat the stork, fly back past where the otter was, go across the void, eat the cougar, then the two mice. Go back across the bridge, climb through the trees, eat the fish that's in the water, swim up and to the right, go into the swithback bit, follow that round, take a left, the up to the bikini girl. Hope that helped :D

Holy Crap!

Freakin' cool man! Any tips on that otter maze!


you no awsome game till it comes to the otters cant beat it but awsome game thumbs up