Reviews for "Fly Zombie Fly"

good job, my zombie made it to freedom.


This is very interesting I admit, with the ragdoll tossing game, but there are some large flaws. For example, I've noticed whenever I move into a new area I lose some items, and I landed in a position where my zombie is now moving backwards at about 1/2 foot per second. It would be much appreciated if these glitches were fixed. Still a great game though, I've never seen a ragdoll tossing game. 4/5

Good idea, but there are things I don't like.

The concept is okay, it's a new bit on the tossing games, but there are parts that need improvement, like the catapult just constantly going, I think it should just go off when the zombie hits it, and some animations for the other boosts would be good too, like the blimp...Maybe make it jiggle when the zombie hits it? Make the zombie in it fall out? Something? Maybe I'm just being picky, but honestly, I think it could have been done better...Make a sequel that fixes these and maybe adds some stuff too? 6/10, 3/5


Nice distance game.... took some getting used to but fun. Just wished there were more upgrades


Thats is a very nice copie from the game Toss the Turtle.
But i like it like it