Reviews for "Effective Attack"


I really enjoy the concept of this game, and the way that you prevented cheating for the most part. I haven't played a game like this in a while and this was good for nostalgia.

A way of "cheating" is clicking and moving the mouse really fast past obstacles, allowing it to go through them.

Other than that, this is a great game.

I must be lucky

There was only one level that I had to retry about 6 times before I got it right. All the others were 1-3 tries. Also, I got the achievement for reaching level 20 but not the one for level 15. lol I thought that was strange.

The walls...

You'd think the barriers would crumble after I hit the SAME DAMN SPOT EVERY SINGLE FRICKEN TIMEE! AAGHHHH *throws mouse at a puppy*


I Beat that game unter 5 min, but now i need to wait like 30 min for the rest of awards. Why didnt you make aword for under 50 shots or something?

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