Reviews for "Poltergifts"

good game but....

i dont wanna know what you do for christmas!!! o-0

Evil-Dog responds:

mouahaha :D


It was really fun and a great time waster. one thing though i didnt receive all of the achievements i know I got. like the upgrade one. I definitly have all the upgrades but didnt get a medal. I dont know if its a glitch or I missed something but Matbe check it. Anyways great game.

Evil-Dog responds:

Will do! thanks for the potential bug report :D

Really Good !

I don't usually like christmas games but this game is awesome

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man! :D


man it's a good game but this isn't for everyone...

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure not :D cheers

Pretty good

Great time killer. I like the upgrade system and im a sucker for these halloween/ Christmas games.

Its also nice to see some of SickDeathFiend's artwork thats not fucking zombies again.

Evil-Dog responds:

It's nice to see SickDeathFiend's artwork, period :D thanks for the review