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Reviews for "Magisfaction (teaser)"

A Fairy Tale

This is like Red Riding Hood mix with Alice through the looking glass (thought the two heads looked like Tweedledum and Tweedledee). The brush style fits great with the story you told plus the way you did the love part is the reason for my rate.

Very nice.

Very nice and creative storyline. If I remember it when it has been released I WILL watch it. Can't wait. :D


this seems like a great game.

Well made trailer too


"There are many paths that lead to this book, and let me tell you something, some will not lead you there" Doesn't really make sense, contradiction...

The thing with death was pretty freaky, and I really liked how you went to a more climactic part of my song when the protagonist got impaled.

Top rate job, added to favs

Very nice!

Very nice video :) its a bit short, however as a trailer for a game you've been working on it seems to work very well. Only quirp I have with this video is that it doesn't really tell any unique portions of your game that will seperate it from other platformers :) yet I am definetly looking forward to the game.