Reviews for "RetroMash"


Awesome game. :D
Sometimes a bit annoying when I just want to click, but they just fall down one block and I can't click anymore, lol. :C

ten stars

this game is so cute

really good

But starts out very slow, and dousn't get harder till I was almost going to quit. It just takes way too long for it to get challanging, and when it does, It speeds up very very fast, and you might not be ready for it.
Really good game!


I like the idea of combining two classic games, but sometimes it won't respond when I click the mouse. Overall though, I like what yu did.

I like this game. It's pretty cool, but I think it kinda goes by a bit too fast for me. Maybe if there was an option to change the game speed, dressed as a difficulty setting, then maybe it would work. Otherwise, It's pretty addicting.