Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"


A very decent game, although it would be better if you didn't mention any specific company. I live in the area where the oil spill hit, it wasn't totally BPs fault. The disaster would have been a lot worse if the civilians didn't try to help by pumping seawater into the fire, which corroded the pipes causing the catastrophic failure.

Pretty good.

Stuff past world 2-0 is too hard, though. If you could lower the difficulty a smidge, it would make it a way better game.


This Game Is Really Fun. But After a while It gets kinda boring :P

Mario's BP Bashing Adventure

Once again, I-Mockery has created another brilliant video game spoof; and who better to plug up the leaky pipe that has caused one of the greatest environmental disasters of the 21st century other than the world's number one plumber? As Mario, your job is to swim around collecting dead fish to plug up the massive oil leak before time runs out, dodging mines, divers, and submarines all the while. As a game concept, it is pretty engaging, but even though this is an 8-bit adventure, I found the game doesn't have the best control response if your computer feels bogged down by bandwidth, and this will ruin your experience with the game causing slippery control and imprecise movement, costing you lives. Super Mario BP Oil Spill works also as a pretty scathing commentary to this latest corporate fuck-up that has affected our world, and even after you have defeated Tony Hayward, you can still play progressive levels to get a high score.

Nifty medal game

another fun medal game you have presented for us, and the medals are alot and few inbetween, now i must say i was not able to get alot of the medals but thats my own fault for not playing games as much as i can, Even loved the mario and the {BOX} intro thingy that was nifty, But i actually thought the {CONTROLS} were iffy and hard to throw a fish while swimming, maybe it was just me and not learning the game, but thought youo could have made a more smoother feel with controls and all, the {SPRITES} were good and sharp looking, not glitch game either it ran pretty smoothly and most of all i had some good fun with the game, the playing screen filled up fast with oil, another idea would have been neat if you had options of moving to other screens, but anyways it was still fun and i really enjoyed the game, especially getting medals. So keep up the good work maybe more smoother controlls next time.

Some smoother controls would have been nice and would make for a great upgrade like get the {MOUSE} in there as a movment while keeping the swimming and throwing the same, not sure it can be done but would make it much easier to controll.

Another fantastic medal game, cant wait till the next