Reviews for "Dance of the Manwhore"


hilarious! love it!

Awesome epicness of the best kind!

Always been a big fan of Sexual-Lobster.

I'm steady watching this shit. I'm just going to take a wild guess and assume it's never ending lmao. Gvae me a good laugh though. He wants to lock you in his garage XD

What the shit... That was good due to it sounded like in the title it would be a troll movie! Oh so sexy...

Style: looked like if it was a little better it could be on TV. But I just came from The Moleman Likes Children so of course I am being a little harsh.

Animation Audio sync: Everything looked like he was really saying it!

Animation itself: looked very realistic and flowed with the beat!

Audio: You need to write serious songs!

Humor: "My father never loved me!" still the funniest line no matter how often it is used!

Who is Fernando?