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Reviews for "Twat of the Walk"

LMAO after watching u and chris on youtube, wanted to come back to see what was going on with ng after 8yrs... came across this flicking through random vids
made my night<3

If anyone needs it the music int the backround is down by boyz noize

''Do yew Whant To Fahk Me??'' XDDD

I feel bad for the first guy dude.. so sincere.
And the Justice in the backround - EaRGASm x_X

cockblocked....cockblockers damn U!!!

I saw this movie aeons ago, but just recently, in one of my porn adventure on the interwebs, I managed to stumble on this girl, and then I had a feeling of knowing her from somewhere. A subtle voice saying "Do you find me beatifel?" crossed my mind, and here I am to share my findings...
Her name is Monika Chantal of MPL Studios, just google it and fap your brains out! Cheers!!